Prestigious appointment for St Stephen’s Project Ph.D. Researcher

Durham Cathedral Library, interior.

We are delighted to announce that our Project's Ph.D. Researcher, Dr Elizabeth Biggs, has been appointed to a new post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Durham’s Institute of Medieval and Early Modern History.

Newly in post as the Zeno Karl Schindler Post-doctoral Fellow, Elizabeth is now uncovering the history of Durham Cathedral library during the middle years of the Reformation, from 1539 - 1579. Her work is part of the on-going research project Durham Priory Library Recreated.

This is a collaborative project between Durham Cathedral and the University of Durham, which seeks to reconstruct and digitise the medieval library as a global resource for research, learning and teaching.

Holding one of the finest collections of medieval manuscripts in Britain and Ireland, the monastic library largely survived the religious upheavals of the sixteenth century. Today is one of the best catalogued cathedral collections in the country.

The Project Team warmly congratulates Elizabeth upon her successful appointment to this position at Durham, wishes her well with her future research and gladly acknowledges her invaluable research into St Stephen’s College during her time on the Project.

“I’m enjoying the chance to continue working on the sort of history of religious spaces, that I started on the St Stephen’s Project, at Durham, due to the fabulous survival of so many of
its books in the Reformation.”

Dr Elizabeth Biggs, Zeno Karl Schindler Post-doctoral Fellow,
Institute of Medieval and Early Modern History,
University of Durham