The project team would like to thank the many institutions that have generously allowed us to reproduce items in their collections.

At the Palace of Westminster, we have benefited particularly from the help and advice of Dr Mark Collins, Malcolm Hay, Dr Caroline Shenton, Dr Elizabeth Hallam Smith and Melanie Unwin. We are grateful for the encouragement offered by the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art, and the Lord Speaker’s Advisory Panel on Works of Art.

Many people have kindly given of their time to discuss aspects of Virtual St Stephen’s, including: Dr Ann-Marie Akehurst, Dr Jeremy Ashbee, Clare Brown, Sarah Brown, Prof. Joanna Cannon, Dr John Crook, Lloyd de Beer, Prof. Kerry Downes, Dr Robin Eagles, Anna Eavis, Dr Claire Gapper, Prof. Anthony Geraghty, Dr John Goodall, Prof. John Harper, Hugh Harrison, Stuart Harrison, Alasdair Hawkyard, Dr Gordon Higgott, Dr Olivia Horsfall-Turner, Dr Paul Hunneyball, Dr Maureen Jurkowski, Mark Kirby, Philip Lankester, Prof. Richard Marks, Dr Dan Miles, Prof. Christopher Norton, Prof. Norbert Nussbaum, Prof. Mark Ormrod, Dr Lisa Reilly, Dr Paul Seaward, Dr Jane Spooner, Tim Tatton-Brown, Dr Charles Tracy, Prof. Christopher Wilson, Joseph Wisdom, Dr Lucy Wrapson.