Project Team

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For a specialist in English art and architecture of the later middle ages, it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to research this richly documented palace chapel, at the very heart of royal government. It makes a stimulating point of contrast...

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Ph.D. Student Researcher

I came to the College of Canons based at St Stephen’s from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries from looking at fifteenth-century political interpretations of history. I’m working on all aspects of the college’s life from building projects...

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Principal Investigator

As a historian of sixteenth-century England, I have always been interested in the relationship between church, state and art. It would be hard to imagine a more fascinating, and richly significant, complex of buildings than the Palace of...

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Research Assistant

I am an independent writer and historian and as such have been able to follow the subjects that interest me across disciplinary boundaries. I wrote a biography of A W N Pugin, God’s Architect, which appeared in 2007 and a history of...

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Research Assistant

The St Stephen’s project offers a fascinating opportunity to explore the adaption of a medieval building for the purposes of early-modern government. As an architectural historian, with a longstanding interest in the associative power of...'s picture
Research Assistant

As a historical researcher and documents specialist, who has worked for several years at The National Archives on the Completion of the Calendaring of the Elizabeth Patent Rolls, I hope to go through and search the surviving documents after the...

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Miles Taylor was Director of the Institute of Historical Research from 2008 to 2014. He is a specialist in the history of Victorian Britain, and is currently completing a study of Queen Victoria and India for Yale UP. In October 2014 he took up a...

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Research Assistant

I am an historian of British historical culture from about 1600, with an interest in how people understood and related to the past through scholarship, antiquarianism, drama, poetry, art, and architecture. My doctoral thesis focused on the...

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Technical - Website and Interface Design

Patrick graduated from the University of York with an MSc in Archaeological Information Systems, and has worked for the University of York's 'Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture' since 2003. He provides design and technical expertise...

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Technical - Management and Administration

Louise read Medieval English and History at Birmingham University and has an MA In Archive Administration from UCL. She joined the Centre in 2009, having worked in partnership previously through her role at York Minster. Louise is currently...

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Technical - 3D Modelling

I'm responsible for creating the 3d model of St Stephen's in three periods based on ongoing discussions with the other project members. Now based at the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture at the University of York, I have many...

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Research Assistant

Alan Bryson is a sixteenth-century British historian, specialising in the reign of Henry VIII during the 1530s and 1540s and the reign of his son Edward VI, particularly in relations between the crown and the nobility and gentry. He also works...

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Associate Researcher

I am currently in the final stages of completing a Ph.D. titled 'The art of union and disunion in the Houses of Parliament, c.1834-1928' as part of an AHRC-funded project in partnership with the Palace of Westminster Curator’s Office. My research...

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Administrative Assistant

Jonathan studied for an undergraduate degree in History at the University of York, during which he joined the AHRC-funded research project England’s Immigrants, 1330-1550. His dissertation focused...

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Associate Researcher

My research focuses on Gothic art and architecture of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries in England and France. I am currently completing a PhD provisionally entitled “St Stephen’s Chapel, Westminster: Architecture and Decoration in the...

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Research Assistant

Dr. Maureen Jurkowski, Honorary Research Fellow at University College London, is a historian of late medieval England who specialises in archival research and has held research posts at several English universities. Although best known for her...

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Associate Researcher

My research examines the houses of parliament in the aftermath of the 1834 fire, which destroyed the old Palace of Westminster. In particular, I am interested the temporary houses of parliament and the way in which the reduced space affected the...

Dr Elizabeth Hallam Smith (Chair)
Director of Information Services, House of Lords
Prof. Tim Ayers
History of Art Department, University of York
Dr Mark Collins
Estates Archivist and Historian, Parliamentary Estates Directorate
Dr John Cooper
History Department, University of York
Dr Dee Dyas
Director, Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, University of York
Prof. Anthony Geraghty
History of Art Department, University of York
Dr Rosemary Hill
History of Art Department, University of York
Prof. Mark Ormrod
History Department, University of York
Dr Paul Seaward
Director, History of Parliament Trust
Dr Caroline Shenton
Former Director of the Parliamentary Archives